Intuitive and Celestial

Wisdom of the Divine Masculine for the modern tarot reader

Outstanding Card Quality

Anti-scratch & rose-petal foil

The cards are coated with powerful anti-scratch rose petal coating, both for being water resistant, as for their tactile and smooth touch. There is no reflection on the image surface, so it is possible to see the card at any angle. Wearing down of the cards and the box through time is driven to the minimum.

Brown card edges

In order to achieve a compact, wood-like feel of the deck card edges are painted in brown, offering a premium quality look.

Gold-foiled stamp

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Boar rolling in the forest floor

Divine Masculine

The deck represents the Divine Masculine, that rare mythical creature of the forest, as the energy of action, but one that is open and loving, focused on the Divine Feminine’s knowing. All the lovely characters on the cards remind us how that energy is not expressed through force or outer strength, but really is about finding that strength within.

Animals & Sacred Garden

Animals and natural scenery are the key elements of the deck. Magical settings, variety of seasons and natural environments illustrate the timeless universe of the sacred garden. Almost each card represents a figure with an animal because of their universal connection. Since the beginning of time animals were used to personify our inner powers, fears or weaknesses.