Regrettably, since September 2021, counterfeited decks of Tarot of the Divine Masculine started to roam the internet. They are being sold even on distinguished shops such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Alibaba. If on some online shop you encounter Tarot of the Divine Masculine for a price less then $54 USD (€47 EUR) it is very probably a counterfeit product. Even if our deck is sold by retailers, they would not sell it for a lower price. 


We do our best to take down those adds, and products, but they soon pop up again. We have put a lot of work and love to this project, so it is very hard and painful for us to see the copies roam the internet.


If you see the following, know it is a fake deck:

  1. The price is lower than $54 USD (€47 EUR): it is very probable to be a fake deck.
  2. Free shipping: if the deck is offered with the free shipping, it is sure to be a counterfeit.
  3. The soft tuck box: Original box comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a book-style magnetic lid. Counterfeits come with a soft tuck box.
  4. No guidebook: Counterfeit decks do not include a physical guidebook.
  5. PDF guidebook/QR code on the box: We do not have a downloadable PDF and there is no QR code on our box.
  6. White card edges: Counterfeit cards have white edges. Original card’s edges are painted in medieval brown.
  7. Weak color of the print: since counterfeited cards are printed in a very poor quality, the colors of the cards are weak, and look very bad in reality. Unfortunately, this is not easy to spot on the fake presentations, since the colors are pushed to look better.
  8. Size of the cards smaller than 2.8’’ x 4.9’’ (7.2cm x 12.6cm): fake cards are often smaller that the original. Note that our card’s size is 2.8’’ x 4.9’’ (7.2cm x 12.6cm). This is the only size available.


Have in mind that the counterfeited cards and box come in the lowest possible card paper, look very cheep, and discoloured. We would appreciate very much if you wouldn’t purchase them, and in that way support the independent art.


If you notice any counterfeits circulating online please let us know at


Make sure you are buying authentic decks by ordering from or