Tarot of the Divine Masculine - First Edition

  • €47,50

The quality of the cards is of the utmost importance. The whole package is printed with precise specifications and the highest quality standards. 

Card quality:

  • 78+1 cards are 2.8’’ x 4.9’’ (7.2cm x 12.6cm) and printed on 350gsm art paper. Each card front features a gold-foiled stamp of authenticity, complementing the painted artwork. They are coated with powerful anti-scratch rose petal coating, both for being water resistant, as for their tactile and smooth touch. There is no reflection on the image surface, so it is possible to see the card at any angle. Wearing down of the cards and the box through time is driven to the minimum.
  • Cards are secured in a sturdy, 1200gsm thick cardboard paper box. The magnetic box is coated with powerful anti-scratch rose petal coating. The box cover is completed with embossed letters and a gold-foiled print, emphasizing the timeless design. The box sides are fully designed. 
  • A 56-page booklet for the immediate use is included in the box. Brief introduction to tarot and its usage. Each card is given a short and clear meaning.

All cards, including major and minor arcane, feature hand-painted figurative illustrations in oil. The imagery of the cards is a modern classic: it bases on the Rider-Waite tarot tradition. You will posses an elegant deck with an uncommon approach of easy reading.


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Holding the cards - impressions

When you touch the cards, first thing is the smooth feel to it. Good balance between size and paper thickness makes them easy to handle.

Calming, yet meaningful back of the cards, simplifies the reading; with Major and Minor Arcana represented through animals and their spiritual power. 


This deck is dedicated to all of us, the warriors of life, who are juggling successfully the Masculine and Feminine Divine energies within.