The Creators

Filip and marko

Cousins & Creators

Filip Vasich

Filip is the brains behind the project. He works full time on the design, concept creating, story telling, and business side of VasichArts. A graphic designer with 15 years of experience in professional printing, his know-how is behind the quality of the deck.

Passion for contact with nature has lead him to in-depth studies of landscape photography around the world. Aquarious by sign (aquarious by nature), his landscapes are often dominated by the strong expressions of the sky. You can follow him on instagram.

Marko Vasich

Marko is the painter with 17 years of experience in figurative oil painting. Apart from being the official painter at VasichArts, he also does most of the text-writing.

His virgo unstable nature lead him to live in Mexico for 10 years, where he addopted many of the local cultural and artistic influences. His paintings concentrate on color richness of his figurative representations. You can follow him on instagram

Customer Service

If you have a general question or need help with an order, you can contact us on our customer service email. Marko is handling most inquiries, so you are going to reach him through this account.



When we started posting our work on Instagram four years ago, others on the similar quest appeared, and joined us on the journey. Or we joined them - many of those involved in the self-discovery journey, artists, tarot creators, readers, all the beautiful humans from around the world being on the same path of discovering and (re)defining the Divine in the Masculine energies.

And all the great friends who helped as being models for the paintings, who inspired the cards and stories told on them; the true muses of this deck.

Thank you all for sharing this experience

With your comments, creations, support and understanding, our concept grew and became what Tarot of the Divine Masculine now is.

 The journey continues…

Filip Vasich & Marko Vasich